Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Effects of Stress and the Rose of Nutrition on the Digestive System

A.Stress plays a major role in digestive health.
B.Digestive health plays a major role in weight gain and loss.
C. Therefore if I work on handling stress better,  pay attention to nutrition,  I'll have better digestive health and in turn in a better position to lose weight:-)

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tips to burn belly fat and get ready for bathing suit season

Tips to burn belly fat and get ready for bathing suit season.

Tip #1 - Get to bed early and early to rise.
Go to bed before 11 begin!  Your body will begin to repair as you sleep, your metabolism continues to burn throughout the night, and you release fat before that time.  But if you go to bed late, you begin to release cortisol which has negative side effects such as increased appetite, your body holds fat, and it keeps your body from burning fat.  Look to get a minimum of 7hrs.

Tip #2 - Sprint
Exert 90-100% at some level 2-3 days a week. High output like this is the fastest and most effective way to burn fat.  Your body will respond.  You can do this running, biking, swimming, walking, or on the elliptical. You can even do it walking if your fitness it at that level.  The important thing.....DO IT!!!  It works and will help you burn belly fat.

Tip #3 - Live with Margin
Don't be too crazy with all this diet and fitness stuff.  Allow yourself some cushion. Do you ever leave the house with exactly 15 minutes to get somewhere?  Then you hit a couple of red lights or traffic is moving slower than normal and it causes you to be 5 minutes late? Just as in your commute you should leave some leeway, you should leave some leeway in your diet and fitness.  A little extra space allows you to avoid stress and releasing the negative effects of cortisol (noted above).

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Adapted from Nathan Oates Burstclub blog.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to make this exercise thing work!

How do you make this exercise thing work?

Remember when you were young and you said, "I don't want that food!"  and mom said, "How will you know if you like it or not unless you try it?"  Same applies here.

#1 Your body was made to move
The fact is our body does better when it moves.  All you have to do is google "the body was made to move" and you will find countless articles on the importance of this.  

#2 Let your body taste the fruit of working out
The number one reason we love to exercise is because we feel better when we do it!  It  improves our energy. It improves our mood.  It controls our weight. Combats disease. It helps us sleep better. Its fun! If its not at first, it will become us. Especially if you have a partner or group.

#3 Find ways to make it happen!
2 things probably get in your way. Time and motivation.  With time we have to get creative with fitting it in.  I love to exercise outside so I exercise a lot during my lunch or when its warmer before work.  I check weather so I have the right clothes.  I pack everything I need depending on what I'm going to do (run or ride). I make sure I have the right food, enough food, and water bottles.  With that said its not easy.  What if it rains for 3 days.  Do I skip my workout?  No, I ether go in the rain or like yesterday I find a creative way to get it in.  Yesterday I ran our 5 flights of stairs in our office building for 25 minutes.  Rose loves to wake up early and get her workout in.  With her injuries from the bike crash she has been spinning a lot on her bike trainer.  She wakes up an hour early and gets it out of they way.
Motivation is the other battle. Its easier not to do it.  Its work to get all my stuff ready. Its work to get changed into my workout clothes and go. Its work when I get back and take a bird bath in the sink before returning to my desk.  Rose finds that as a mom she feels guilty taking time during the day.  So she stays motivated to get it out of the way and reap the benefits. We never regret a workout. Never!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Date Night Difference Maker

First, while this post will primarily be about improving our date night, it still has to do with overall health.  We believe being healthy is a holistic and balanced approach.  So, having healthy relationships, especially with each other as spouses is a key part of our overall approach to health and happiness!  In this blog, we'll share how we took our dates to another level of wonderfulness.  Not saying this is the fix for you, but thinking outside the box may be the fix you need!

We have been in the regular practice of having a set date night for quite some time. (if you don't do yourselves a favor and make it happen)  For example, we set aside Monday nights and left right after dinner to spend the rest of the evening together somewhere. Some of our favorite places to hang out include North End eateries and coffee shops, having a glass of wine/beer on 8th street downtown, or coffee at Rembrandts in Eagle.  One of our more memorable date nights included parking just outside of downtown and riding our bikes in for a rolling date night down to 8th street, then rolling around the capital at night. Another was taking a bottle of wine and blanket and hiking up into the foothills to watch the sunset and then the city lights take over the valley.

Most of the time, this worked well but we still couldn't quite break from the stress of the family, knowing that when we got home we still may have to make lunches or iron clothes for the next school day and possibly help someone finish homework.  That is when Rose had the brilliant idea that we move our date night to the weekend......but wait it gets even better!  We never chose the weekend before because we wanted to optimize family time together.  So here is the brilliant idea:  Date on Saturday or Sunday morning! This was revolutionary for us. Up early, out the door for a hike, run, paddle, ride....followed up by visiting our favorite coffee shops in Boise. (there are studies that show getting up early is healthier for you!)

For us, the morning works.  We are our first priority and we will still get to what needs to be done in the day. This is so much more freeing for us!  Also, the weekend morning scene is filled with a bunch of people doing the same thing.  They are out running, hiking, riding, going up to Bogus to ski, etc. Its motivating! After their workouts, they chill in the coffee shops with their workout partners or groups.  And there we sit, reminiscing the run or whatever we did, talking about what needs to get done that day, and dreaming about our future together.

I have two things to say about date nights....or mornings.  1) if you don't have a date night, establish one. If you are not married, find someone to hang out with who "gets" you and your dreams for life.  2) if you have a date night and it's just okay, think outside the box on how to improve it.  Some of our favorite times in our marriage have been epic trail running or epic bike rides and the time spent after, so we just decided to include things we love to do together and made them part of our weekly date.

Ideas we have for the future...... running more foothill trails, riding up Bogus Basin Rd. and Lucky Peak, Mountain Biking the Robie route, canoeing the Boise River and Lower Payette.

Bring on the date weekends:-)

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome to the Kreslins' Online Fitness Club

Ready to start feeling better?
Want to get in better shape?
Want to lose unwanted inches?

5 Key Areas of the Fitness Club
These 5 areas are simple and easy.  Most should be able to do this.  There is nothing groundbreaking here. No new "trick".  But by simply paying attention to all 5 areas, you will see improvement in how you feel, in getting in shape, and losing unwanted inches.
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Health Test and Workout Plan

Calories - Its about more than just calories. You have to eat right to feel right. Use an app like the Daily Plate to get your calorie amounts correct and your food balanced (protein, carbs, fats). Let the program help you set a healthy calorie amount for losing weight so you are not setting it too low and eating into muscle. See protect the muscle below.

Strengthening Exercises - You are going to want to build or strengthen the muscle you already have. Then you will want to protect that muscle if you are trying to lose weight.  Muscle = metabolism.....metabolism = energy.  That is why you want to use a program like Daily Plate to set your calorie limits.  If you eat into that muscle while losing weight, you can guarantee that you that you'll soon be gaining your weight back and, when you gain it back, it will be in fat!  Simple Apps like Daily Free Ab Workout and Push Up Coach are simple little tools to help you build your muscle/metabolism. When you get your abs in shape, you can do the 5 minute workout 3 times in a row. Remember....muscle = metabolism....metabolism = energy.

Protect Your Muscle - This could the most important area out of the 5.  Protect your muscle or YOU WILL FAIL. You won't feel good. You won't look good.  Don't find yourself right back at the beginning, having done all that hard work for nothing!  Do yourself a favor and protect your muscle while you lose weight! You will do this by selecting the right amount of caloric intake daily with a program like Daily Plate and using a product like Shaklee 180 that has been proven to signal the body with high the amino acid, leucine, to protect muscle while you lose fat.

Cardio Exercises - Cardiovascular training is another key area to help you.  For most people, 15 minutes of cardio is not going to help you lose 20-30 lbs.  Try 60-90 minutes of easy to moderate cardio 3-4 times a week.  Longer, low intensity exercise helps shift your body to burn fat vs. carbs.  True, some of you will be able to control your eating and do 15 minute workouts and lose weight, but most won't.  You have to put the right kind of work in to get the right kind of results. Use an app like Runkeeper to track your workouts, share workouts on social media with friends, and watch what your friends are doing!  By posting your workouts to social media, there is a sense of accountability.  Do you want to post you ran for 10 minutes? or would you rather post you did a 30 minute run? And all you need to do is hit "start" and "finish" on your phone and it tracks all kinds of things (avg speed, time, distance, elevation, and much more).
***if you are new to running, start slow and build to 30-60 minutes.  Don't go out and try to do 60 minutes if you are new to running.  Oh, and buy a good pair of shoes.

Don't do it alone - Over and over, studies show we do better when we are with a partner or group.  We exercise harder and longer.  We release more endorphins (these make you happy) after.  You are less likely to back out when someone else is counting on you to be there.  But don't just think of this in terms of exercise.  Think about all 5 areas.  What if you had a partner or two to commit to the online club with you? It costs nothing and it has the power to change your year.
The information on this Web site is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your pediatrician or family doctor.  Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have about your condition.