Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My battle with Plantar Fasciitis

After 4 months of battling plantar fasciitis I'm back out running!

I really thought that darn plantar fasciitis would be the end of my running.  It was such a pain that I thought it would also impact how much I would want to hike as well.  Thankfully, it did not impact my cycling (my first love) so I was able to ride a lot without any trouble.

What is plantar fasciitis?

How did I fix the problem?  Well, for a about 3 months I just stopped running and hiking steep trails.  But that didn't do much.  It wasn't until I came across this funny sock called the Strassburg Sock.  It looks so gimmicky it made me laugh.  And even though you wear it a night while you sleep, it was so corny looking, I was embarrassed to wear it.  BUT it did the trick!  After 3-4 weeks of consistently wearing at night in bed and on long car trips my plantar fasciitis is so much better!  I have been out on 2 runs within the last 4 days and I am not suffering at all!

So, if you or someone you know is suffering from this I suggest you check out the Strassburg Sock.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our Top 3 Date Night Spots in Boise

#1 - Bogus Basin Road
Grab a blanket, bottle of wine, cheese and crackers. Then find a spot within short walking distance from the car. Make sure you are up high enough in the foothills to watch the sunset over the valley. 

#3 - Hyde Park
Either the 13th Pub, Sun Ray or Hyde Park Pub will do for dinner, drink, or appetizer (or all 3!). Then grab a cup of joe from Java and grab an outdoor seat for some prime people watching. 

#2 - Barbacoa
Call ahead and make a reservation for the lower back patio. Quesadilla BBQ duck is our favorite appetizer! Enjoy the views of the sunset casting shadows on Table Rock and surrounding foothills. 

Bonus Spot - Goldy's Coffee Shop
Happy hour 6-9pm.  $2 beers. Another great spot to sit outside and watch downtown in action. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Camping with Kids? Yes!

One of the greatest treasures in Idaho is opportunity to head out into the nature and hike, camp, and explore.  I was driving up to Stanley, ID the other day and was stopped on the road for some construction.  While waiting, most of us got out of our cars to look at the river gorge.  While standing there I met a guy who moved to Boise from Brazil 7 years ago but had only ventured out of the valley 2 times.  He was in awe with what he encountered in the Idaho wilderness.  He ended up buying a pop up camper for his family and intends to leave town as much as possible.

It can be challenging to camp with little ones and many she away from it. They shy away from it probably because they are afraid of how the kids will do and how much work it will be.  Rose and I have never let little ones keep us from heading out.  Here are some tips for you if you desire to get out but are wondering if its going to work with the little ones.

1. Begin as soon as you can. We'd go as early as our baby being 6 months old. (that means extra stuff like portacribs, baby backpack, baby seats that clip onto picnic tables, and potty chairs for sure)
2. Make it fun! Pack treats, games, books, little flashlights for little ones, camp by safe water for them to play in.
3. Take day trip adventures. Hikes, drives to other points of interest, include a stop by the town's ice cream shop after as a reward for the hike or trip.
4. Give them jobs.  Kids love collecting kindling and when old enough lighting the fire (with supervision of course)
5. Story time at the campfire will go down as an all time family memory!

Have fun!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Could a great marriage be this easy?

A couple of weeks ago Rose and I had the honor of MC'ing a marriage retreat in Coeur D'Alene.  We left very encouraged and reminded that having a great marriage isn't overly complicated.  A great marriage can begin with simple things like...

Getting up and making the coffee and bringing your spouse a cup
Making the bed if you are the last one out of the bed
Getting the car door for your wife
Planning a regular date night
Taking a walk together
Giving your spouse a piggy back ride (I'm thinking this is for the guys to give to the ladies but you never know)
Putting a note in your spouse's lunch
And the best one........Fr. Bill Langlois (my former pastor) said kiss each other for a minimum of 5 seconds each day:-)

It seems almost to easy but its simple things like this (and many more) that help to show each other in little ways that we love each other.

Rose shared an awesome quote from St. John of the Cross that sums up this kind of thinking and action.  "Where there is no love, put love, and there will be love" - St. John of the Cross

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The other day I found our 2 year old had gotten into the cleaning products....the next part of the story is crazy!

The other day I found our 2 year old had gotten into the cleaning products under the sink.  The next part of the story is crazy!

Its crazy because NOTHING happened.  Its crazy because I was happy to find her wanting to clean like mom and the "big" kids.  Its crazy because we do things most people don't do.  We ensure the safety of our own health and the health and dangerous risks cleaning products can pose for our kids. We not only use green cleaning products but we use products that are proven to be safe for humans!

Then it gets crazier! The cleaning products we use save us on average $25 per month because they are concentrated.  We buy the cleaners and add the water and keeps thousands of plastic containers out of landfills!

I know....its crazy!  But sometimes crazy is better:-)

Toxic World
Get Clean Product Video

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Effects of Stress and the Results of Nutrition on the Digestive System

A.Stress plays a major role in digestive health.
B.Digestive health plays a major role in weight gain and loss.
C. Therefore if I work on handling stress better,  pay attention to nutrition,  I'll have better digestive health and in turn in a better position to lose weight:-)

Listen to "The Effects of Stress and Nutrition on the Digestive System"