Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas break was a special time for family

Christmas break was a special time for family!

Over Christmas break we got to get out into the mountain snow on our xc skis and our snowshoes.  We also spent a few days up in the mountains north of Idaho City in this little yurt/cabin.  No electricity running water. It was a great place for the family to spend time together!

From our cabin/yurt we were able to access mountain snowshoe trails

When not being pulled in the sled Ella was out on her snowshoes.  She was great!

When she did get tired or we had to move a little faster she hopped in the sled and we pulled her along

The yurt/cabin provide a great place to get warm and be together

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Kreslins are trying to stay active outside during winter!

Kreslins Family Update

I realize that we used to do more of this so here is a little view into our lives lately.  Its been fun in the sun for the Kreslins out in Idaho.  The snow has arrived in the higher elevations and we are putting our xc skies, downhill skis, and snowshoes to work.  Just minutes (see pics below) from our house we can explore ridges that open up to some great vistas!  Ella, our 3 year old, gets the benefit of being pulled in the sled most of the way:-)  We like to remain active outside all year long.  Our next adventure.....heading up to a yurt in the mountains north of Idaho City, ID for a few days.

Monday, October 12, 2015

I haven't been sick since Jan 1, 2014

By writing this I run the risk of two things.

  1. Getting sick.  You know the old saying "knock on wood"?  As I share this I'm "knocking on wood"  because I'm not saying that I won't get a cold or the flu again.
  2. Being the brunt of jokes.  Being sick on New Year's Day had nothing to do with what I did New Year's Eve:-)

How have I gone a year and 8 months with a cold or flu?  I'm not sure.  But, I do know a few things. The following have been super consistent in my life.

  1. Exercise - I try and exercise everyday with the exception of Sundays (family day).  My exercise hasn't been crazy but I try to get either a minimum 1/2 hour run in or an hour minimum bike ride.
  2. Supplements - I have been super consistent with taking my Shaklee supplements (Shaklee is the brand I take).  My supplement taking is much like my exercise, except I take them on Sunday:-)  I'm not taking huge amounts of supplements but I'm consistent.  Before I tell you what I've been consistently taking you need to know the following:
    1. I'm not claiming supplements are magic.
    2. I'm not claiming you (or I) won't get sick or have the flu again
    3. Not all supplements are created equal.  Shaklee's reputation for quality, testing, and research is unparalleled.
Here are the supplements I consistently take:
  1. Vita-Lea (Shaklee's Multivitamin).  I can honestly say (unscientifically) that I began taking double the recommended about I have not been sick.have not been sick.  Vita-Lea is a MUST for me.
  2. B-Complex. It is great for metabolizing food (getting energy out of food).
  3. Shaklee Alfalfa.  Not sure this has anything to do with not getting sick.  But it has everything do to with not having allergies anymore.  Alfafla is a natural antihistamine.  Shaklee has pure sources and uses only leaves picked at the prime time of the day when they contain the highest levels of whatever ever makes it so good.
  4. Energizing Soy Protein.  Vitamins, minerals, and protein are needed to make new cells.  Healthy regeneration of cells is part of having a stronger immune system.
Do I really believe that the vitamins I take make a difference? Yes.
Do I really believe that Shaklee vitamins would make a difference for you? One way to find out.

Contact Rose and I to hear more about it
or visit our Shaklee website

Monday, October 5, 2015

Another Date Night Done Right

A couple of things occur when its Date Night time.  First, there is the "Hey sweetie, we should go on a date tonight!"***  That is usually is met with, "Oh, that would be awesome!  Thanks so much for thinking of us!"

Then the hard part......."Where should we go?"  This can be the tricky part because it wastes time and can become a source of tension.  Sometimes its met with "I don't know, wherever is fine".  But "wherever" isn't fine because each date is deserving of a good place to go!  Last year I posted our 3 Top Date Night Spots in Boise and now we need to add one to the list.

Last weekend our boys were at prom.  One of them was in need of us to be his chauffeur.  The dance started at 8pm and wouldn't finish until 11pm.  We had 3 hours to pass.  We knew we wanted to do a date night but then that hard question came up.  Where?  Well, we ended up at the Woodland Empire Ale  Craft.  Guess what they had besides a cool atmosphere and craft beer?

They had Darts!  No, we don't play darts. But we did that night and it was a blast!  We each had a beer and laughed a lot as we hacked it up next to much more experienced dart players.  One guy next to us asked if Rose shoots bow and arrows.  She said, "No, why?"  He said, "because you have perfect form".  Rose responded, "I don't even play darts!"

You know what?  Most of the time its simple fun and simple experiences that make for a great time.

***this is the benefit of investing in a large family. Built in free baby-sitters that allow for spontaneous date nights

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Confession of a Thin(er) Man

First off I'm not thin by any means.  Only thin(er). But if you would've met me in my early 30's you would've have seen a different person.  I can remember thinking that gaining weight, beginning medications, and having aches and pains must just be part of the "getting older" deal.  At 33 years old, I was nearing the 200 lb mark (which is very high for me), on medications for allergy induced asthma, and heading for surgery to help with sleep apnea.

To make a long story short I began to look at how I ate, added exercise, and began supplementing (in particular with Shaklee's protein shakes and, later, their weight management shakes).  The result was losing 30 lbs, getting off meds, and never having the surgery.  With this came other things like all day energy, mental acuity, and the aches and pains in my back and knees gone.  I was more productive in ministry, a better husband, and father.

Now for the real confession.  Being thin(er) isn't easy and it gets a little frustrating when people ignorantly make jokes to me about being thin(er) or make jokes about my commitment to exercising.  Anyone trying to lose weight or maintain a weight knows the reality of how difficult this is.  It's not like its just easy for some of us to do.  To be really honest, the lead up to making the decision to eat better or get out and exercise is the hardest time ever.  Its during that time I feel like throwing it all out the window.  I can't tell you how often I force myself to get out and exercise when I do NOT want to do it.  BUT!!!...every better decision comes with no regrets and keeps me on track for my health goals.

With that said...I'd like to encourage all of you are in the midst of trying to lose or manage your weight to press on to your goals.  And let's all remember to be sensitive to those who are working hard to reach healthy weight and know that it doesn't come easy for 99% of us.  If you'd like to talk with Rose and I about tips to combat weight loss failure, please email us at  Also, email us if you'd like some info on how using healthy and safe Shaklee supplements has played a key role in making weight loss and weight management "easier".

Chris Kreslins

Friday, January 2, 2015

Get in for 10!

Loosing just 10 lbs can help clothes fit better
Loosing just 10 lbs can help you feel that much better
Get in for 10 lbs at the start of 2015

These 5 areas are simple and easy.  Most should be able to do this.  There is nothing groundbreaking here. No new "trick".  But by simply paying attention to all 5 areas, you will see improvement in how you feel, in getting in shape, and losing unwanted inches.
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Calories - Its about more than just calories. You have to eat right to feel right. Use an app like the Daily Plate to get your calorie amounts correct and your food balanced (protein, carbs, fats). Let the program help you set a healthy calorie amount for losing weight so you are not setting it too low and eating into muscle. See protect the muscle below.

Jacqui McCoy set the record for most weight loss on reality TV.  Listen as she sets the record straight about healthy weight loss and how committing to 10 lbs as you start 2015 can be the difference maker for your 2015 health goals.


Strengthening Exercises - You are going to want to build or strengthen the muscle you already have. Then you will want to protect that muscle if you are trying to lose weight.  Muscle = metabolism.....metabolism = energy.  That is why you want to use a program like Daily Plate to set your calorie limits.  If you eat into that muscle while losing weight, you can guarantee that you that you'll soon be gaining your weight back and, when you gain it back, it will be in fat!  Simple Apps like Daily Free Ab Workout and Push Up Coach are simple little tools to help you build your muscle/metabolism. When you get your abs in shape, you can do the 5 minute workout 3 times in a row. Remember....muscle = metabolism....metabolism = energy.

Protect Your Muscle - This could the most important area out of the 5.  Protect your muscle or YOU WILL FAIL. You won't feel good. You won't look good.  Don't find yourself right back at the beginning, having done all that hard work for nothing!  Do yourself a favor and protect your muscle while you lose weight! You will do this by selecting the right amount of caloric intake daily with a program like Daily Plate and using a product like Shaklee 180 that has been proven to signal the body with high the amino acid, leucine, to protect muscle while you lose fat.

Cardio Exercises - Cardiovascular training is another key area to help you.  For most people, 15 minutes of cardio is not going to help you lose 20-30 lbs.  Try 60-90 minutes of easy to moderate cardio 3-4 times a week.  Longer, low intensity exercise helps shift your body to burn fat vs. carbs.  True, some of you will be able to control your eating and do 15 minute workouts and lose weight, but most won't.  You have to put the right kind of work in to get the right kind of results. Use an app like Runkeeper or Strava to track your workouts, share workouts on social media with friends, and watch what your friends are doing!  By posting your workouts to social media, there is a sense of accountability.  Do you want to post you ran for 10 minutes? or would you rather post you did a 30 minute run? And all you need to do is hit "start" and "finish" on your phone and it tracks all kinds of things (avg speed, time, distance, elevation, and much more).
***if you are new to running, start slow and build to 30-60 minutes.  Don't go out and try to do 60 minutes if you are new to running.  Oh, and buy a good pair of shoes.

Don't do it alone - Over and over, studies show we do better when we are with a partner or group.  We exercise harder and longer.  We release more endorphins (these make you happy) after.  You are less likely to back out when someone else is counting on you to be there.  But don't just think of this in terms of exercise.  Think about all 5 areas.  What if you made a decision to get in for 10? It costs nothing and it has the power to change your year. Send us a message and we'll include you in our group of people who have decided to get in for 10 in 2015.

The information on this Web site is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your pediatrician or family doctor.  Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have about your condition.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The verdict on what I used to beat my cold

A few days ago I felt a cold coming on and I gave Shaklee's new Vitalized Immunity a shot at beating it.
First the video..... then the verdict

Okay, the first two days went awesome! I could tell Vitalized Immunity was fighting it off. I barely noticed the cold. Then the worst happened.  I went on a work related trip for two days and forgot it! Thankfully it wasn't like the cold came on full speed but I could tell I wasn't done fighting it and wasn't doing as well without the Vitalized Immunity.  Upon returning home I resumed use of it and witnessed getting back on top of beating it.

Long story short, the cold never came to be.  What do I think about Vitalized Immunity?  Its good but I think I'd choose Shaklee's Defend and Resist over it.  What's the difference?  See chart below.